Learning is the most powerful tool an organization can utilize. It takes us from a place of vulnerability (of not knowing) to one of empowerment. Through learning, an individual, a team, a community evolves from simply keeping up to creating that which is more than the sum of their parts. We believe that everyone has a drive to learn, to grow, and to exceed expectations—we simply need the tools and permission to do so!


All roads in change leadership take you back to learning. Learning is the foundation on which change occurs– by exploring new ways of thinking and applying them to old challenges. We believe that the new pathway is out there to help individuals, teams, and communities, to reach new heights and expand their impact, it simply takes the openness to learn and make the change.


We cannot say enough about leaders who recognize, value, and embrace change. While the easier path may be to keep the status quo, a leader takes a step back to learn about their surroundings and then has the vision to apply it. It takes admitting you do not know (i.e., being vulnerable. Full circle!) We believe that each person is the master of their own world, and we are uniquely positioned to help them see things from new perspectives, through different lenses.

Would we work with Tharris again?


Tharris’ collaborative approach ensured our needs were being addressed and his creativity and superior technical skill produced a program that is receiving excellent feedback from its participants.

Sandy PagottoDirector, Strategic SolutionsCHA Learning

innovative and knowledgeable

Tharris always provides insightful observations from the learners, which are valuable to the session design. The professionalism, flexibility and openness make everything easy to collaborate remotely.

Xun MaAssociate Fellow, Digital Learning and Instructional DesignUnited Nations System Staff College

get to the core of our needs

I always look forward to bringing Tharris onto our projects. The professionalism, honesty and efficiency makes working with their team easy. They engage our team in discussions with energy, respectfully challenges ideas to get to the core of our needs, and offers innovative approaches to the learning design of our products.

Claudia GagnonManager, NCCP Products and ProjectsCoaching Association of Canada

around the world

Tharris worked with the Global Reference Centre for First Aid of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies' for the development of the Red Cross Red Crescent International Guidelines for First Aid, Resuscitation, and Education.

On this occasion, Tharris demonstrated the ability to take into account cultural differences around the world.

Pascal CassanHeadGlobal First Aid Reference CentreInternational Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies